J & Z Auto Works offers many diesel repair and performance services. 

We offer Fass fuel systems 
Aftermarket Performance Injectors
Aftermarket Performance Turbos
All maintenance and repairs 
All brake and suspension repair
Engine repairs 
Transmission Services
A/C Services
Powerstroke:                                                              Cummins:
Basic 6.0 Head gasket job includes but not limited to:                  Basic 5.9 Head Gasket job includes but
ARP Head studs                                                                       not limited to:
Resurfacing heads                                                                    New Head gaskets
Brand new OEM Gaskets                                                           Resurfacing heads
New Oil Cooler                                                                         Valve train adjustment 
EGR bypass if needed                                                               ARP Head Studs
New Coolant Reservoir 
New Injector O-Rings
Turbo inspection and clean if needed 
All new fluids
Basic 6.4 Head Gasket job includes but not limited to:
ARP Head studs
Resurfacing heads 
Brand new OEM Gaskets
New Oil Cooler 
EGR bypass
New Exhaust back pressure sensor
DPF clean or bypassed
Up-pipe Inspection
New injector O-Rings
Turbo reseal kit